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Tuition fee $13,940.00 per year
Application fee $75.00 one-time
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This degree focuses on English studies.

Programme structure

Introduction to Literary Study
 Text and Context
Foundations of Literature and Law 
Topics in Ancient Literature
 Topics in Medieval Literature 
 Topics in Early Modern Literature
Topics in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Literature
Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature
Topics in Twentieth-Century Literature
 Selected Historical Topics in Literature

Introduction to Creative Writing
 Poetry Writing and Reading
Fiction Writing Screenwriting for Film, Television and Internet
Introduction to Language Journalism in the 21st Century
 News Reporting and Writing
 Writing for Management, Business, and Public Administration Contemporary Media in Everyday Life
Creative Nonfiction
Writing for Legal Studies
 Argument Writing
Grammar, Syntax, and Style: Writing for All Disciplines Advanced Fiction Writing
 Advanced Argument Writing and Response: Theory and Practice
Forensic Linguistics: Language as Evidence in the Courts
 Intermediate News Reporting and Writing Digital Journalism
 Advanced Legal Writing: Advocacy and Oral Argument
Selected Topics in Creative Writing
Moral, Legal, and Ethical Dilemmas that Shape the USA
 Making Waves: Troublemakers, Gadflies, and Whistleblowers
 New York City in Literature
Literature of the African World
The Word as Weapon
 African-American Literature
 Foundations of U.S. Latino/a Literature Reading and Writing Children’s Literature
The Language of Film
 New York City in Film
 Film and Society The Rebel in Film
The Horror Film
Selected Topics in Literature
 Contemporary Fiction
 Literature and Ethics
 Shakespeare and Justice
American Literature and the Law
Gender and Identity in Literary Traditions
 Law and Justice in European Medieval Literature
 The Crime Film Road Movies
Science Fiction Film
 Crime, Punishment and Justice in U.S. Literature
 Crime, Punishment and Justice in World Literature Film Criticism
Documentary Film and Media
 Alfred Hitchcock Steven Spielberg
 Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee
 The African-American Experience in America: Comparative Racial Perspectives
 Perspectives on Literature and Human Rights
 Caribbean Literature and Culture
 Cultures in Conflict New Fiction
Comic Books and Graphic Novels: Investigating a Literary Medium
Violence of Language: U.S. Latino/a Street Literature
 Mythology in Literature The Bible as Literature
Writing Nature: Literature and Ecology
 Advanced Selected Topics in Literature
Gender and Sexuality in U.S. Latino/a Literature Special Topics Seminar in U.S. Latino/a Literature
 Entangled Tongues: Bilingualism in U.S. Latino/a Literature
 Il-legal Subjects: U.S. Latina/o Literature and the Law
Ethical Strains in U.S. Latino/a Literature

Career opportunities

law public policy business education writing government

Apply now! Fall semester 2018/19
Application deadline
Aug 30, 2018 23:59
Europe/Riga time

This is Autumn Intake

Studies commence
Sep 1, 2018

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States